America’s Obligation to Defend Israel


In recent years, amidst continued tensions and fighting in the Middle East, President Obama and his administration have taken heat from some groups in the country as well as in Israel for being less than enthusiastic about lending support to its dedicated ally Israel. I understand that it is difficult for the United States to continue to police the rest of the world and intervene in multiple regions around the globe, but in this particular case it is extremely important that America not hesitate to take a firm stand in support of Israel.

For decades, Israel and America have been strong allies, as Israel is the only democratic nation in the surrounding region. Israel is an extremely technologically advanced country and has led the way in both military and sophisticated technology related to intelligence. Mossad, the country’s main intelligence agency, has been willing to and enthusiastic about working with the United States and has provided important information about terrorist groups. In fact, the United States frequently expresses its anti-terrorist ideals, and it only makes sense that the United State support Israel against the terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, that regularly threaten the safety of the country. True, the United States has provided funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” protection system against incoming rockets from areas such as Gaza, but this is not enough. President Obama has been hesitant to firmly stand by Israel and take any other action embodying the alliance between these two countries.

Although Israel has a very strong and technologically advanced military, it is still tremendously vulnerable in a region mostly surrounded by enemies or potential enemies, with many countries led and funded by terrorist groups. The fighting and destruction in this area will only stop if a country such as the US steps in and takes action against Israel’s enemies. And this action begins with two things, first, a reconciliation between the leadership of both countries, and second, a concrete plan of how to handle the ongoing conflict in Israel and surrounding areas. President Obama and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu are known to have a less than pleasant relationship, and this is most definitely contributing to the lack of a plan or wholehearted support between the two countries. The two have argued about Israel’s continuing buildup of settlements in the West Bank and Iran’s potential for nuclear buildup, among other issues. This absolutely needs to change, and sooner rather than later, before the conflict in the Middle East turns into a larger confrontation.

With regards to the concrete plan on how to handle the issue, I think the best course of action for the United States to take would be to support a two-state solution, a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, in the region. The current conflict has been ongoing for many years, and the establishment of two states, although it may take a lot of time and resources, would most likely ease tensions and could solve this issue. This solution would probably call for some American troops as well as those from other United Nation members to be located near both states, but seems to be the most promising strategy. Positioning troops near the states after their creation would help maintain peaceful borders and relations in the area, and the troops would be gradually removed assuming tensions are low. Although it may be difficult to garner support for American troops going into another area in the Middle East, I think this solution would end up being successful, and the Obama administration should work toward this particular resolution. It may take some time, and in the meantime the United States should continue to fund the “Iron Dome,” as well as attempt to maintain friendly relations with Israel’s leadership while making sure the terrorist groups in the Middle East do not gain more power.

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