Articles by: Rashi Narayan

Photo of Paris courtesy of Jenna Epstein

Paris Massacre: Implications for the Multiethnic French Capitol

BY JENNA EPSTEIN Friday, November 13th: instead of a day of passing comments about the superstitious date, terror enveloped the city of Paris, and fear gripped the world. For many it will forever be remembered as the day when a series of coordinated terrorist attacks erupted throughout the French capital. At the hands of ISIS, 130 innocent civilians lost their […]

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People line up outside US Consulate to apply or pick up visa applications. Credit: Vince Talotta

Immigrants at Home and Abroad: International Students

BY JENNA EPSTEIN International students comprise a substantial portion of foreign-born people in the United States, and they have the capabilities to contribute not only to economic growth but also to our nation’s technological innovation. Welcoming America’s Guide to Immigrant Economic Development notes that two-thirds of foreign students pursue degrees in STEM fields or business, management and marketing fields, versus […]

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A group of Egyptians, shout slogans and hold banners as they stage a demonstration against against Sisi Government and demand the release of their friends, detained by security forces, in Haram neighborhood of Giza, Egypt on October 30, 2015. Credit: Anadolu Agency

After the Spring: el-Sisi in Egypt

BY ADAM HOFFMAN Nearly five years ago in early 2011, a wave of protests and uprisings swept through the Middle East. The aftermath has been complicated and diverse. Over the next several weeks, I will focus on these populist actions’ outcomes in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia. While Tunisia has democratized, Libya is mired in sectarian violence, Egypt has retrenched […]

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Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley walk on the stage at the end of a presidential debate sponsored by CNN and Facebook at Wynn Las Vegas on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

International Perspectives on First U.S. Democratic Presidential Debate

BY EMMA LAPIN AND NATE YOUNG Over 15 million Americans tuned in to the 2016 Democratic presidential debate on October 13th. While Americans may have strong opinions about each candidate’s platforms, most view the debates from a solely American point of view. Viewers tend to lose sight of international discussions about the candidates that may well be interconnected with domestic […]

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Members of youth organizations raise their fists as they stand with a banner reading 'Youths unite against the (presidential) palace and war'  in commemoration of the victims of the double suicide bombing blamed on IS militants against a pro-Kurdish peace rally that killed 102 people and injured hundreds more than two weeks ago outside the main train station in Ankara, October 26, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ADEM ALTAN

Youth Perspectives on the Conflict in Turkey

BY KARLI DUGAN Imagine living in a nation where your sense of security has deteriorated and silencing the opposition has become the norm for the government. That is the reality for the citizens of Turkey. The nation has recently been rocked by attacks in Ankara by two suicide bombers resulting in over 100 deaths and hundreds more injured. But even […]

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