Letter from the Editors


It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of Magellan for the 2014-2015 academic year! Magellan has grown almost threefold in the downtime since we released “The Controversial Issue”, resulting in a large increase both in the quantity of insightful writing on the magazine and in the challenge to your faithful editors, Kimon Stephanopoulos and Mike Holtz.

At Magellan, we pride ourselves on giving our writers a high degree of creative freedom: we don’t limit our readers except to a fairly broad topic. This has gotten harder and harder as our brilliant writers have increased in number. To account for such huge (but, of course, positive) changes, we drew inspiration from the recent crises and responses in the Middle Eastern region and tasked our writers with examining the United States sphere of influence and what sort of actions the US takes both within it and outside it. Our writers rose to this challenge, delivering eye-opening pieces on NATO, the UNSC, ISIL, and all manner of acronyms you’re expected to know as an IAS major or a particularly good citizen.

We proudly present “Back to Iraq: America as the World’s Police,” and invite you to join the Magellan community by bookmarking the website, following us on Facebook, or even sharing your views with our readers! Writers are accessible by e-mail and would love to hear your feedback on their articles. At the end of the day, Magellan is about starting intelligent conversation on issues that affect our global community. So go forth and explore!


Mike Holtz, Magellan Executive Director – mikeholtz@wustl.edu
Kimon Stephanopoulos, Magellan Editor-in-Chief – stephak@wustl.edu