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Photo courtesy of Arian Zeegers via Creative Commons

Amid Plans to Abolish One-Child Policy Next Year, Oppression Continues for Chinese Women

BY KATIE RIAL In 1979, China enacted a one-child policy to limit resource strains on what was, at the time, a poor country unable to manage a rapidly growing population. Over the past three and a half decades, this policy is estimated to have prevented about 400 million births and has significantly shaped economic and cultural structures within China. Yet, […]

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A Cow for Change? I’ll Buy!

A Cow for Change? I’ll Buy!

Motivating and inspirational commercials litter the Internet commanding the viewer to donate money to buy a cow or a chicken or a goat. These cows or chickens or goats will be given to young girls in Third World countries to allow them to establish independent, economic security. As the commercials pronounce, giving animals to girls provides political security and equality, […]

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